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Gavin Bowman

You're right, essentially there are two options:-

1. Explain the product better.
2. Make the product better.

People who can't be converted with one of those methods have probably clicked the wrong adword, or are looking for a different product.

The community marketing stuff is all very well, and I've read it many times on Seth Godin's blog, but the way it is phrased in that article sounds like it is to help established products retro-fit community marketing. "find your community and figure out why they have embraced you"? When most Micro ISVs are trying to increase conversions they are still trying to convince a community to embrace them, it's a different problem.

Most of us are open to the community already, we're out on forums, we're blogging, we're personally conversing with customers when we get the chance. We're already doing a lot more community marketing than most traditional companies.

I'm not passing any judgement on the quality of the article, but I'm not convinced it's well targeted to the Micro ISV startup... maybe the more established guys who've yet to really embrace the new web will get more out of it.

James Jeffers

A German software engineer who reads Mises and Rothbard - now that's cool!

Philipp Schumann

"You're right, essentially there are two options:- 1. Explain the product better. 2. Make the product better."

Indeed; at the very least all options boil down to these two fundamentals---and the best strategy I think is to look at both, as there is always scope for both: why rule out one or the other? ;)

James, the opportunity of reading Mises in original German definitely has its charm!


Hey Philipp,

I am glad you critiqued the post. In my experience, you and Gavin are unlike many others who have contacted me for help. You get it.

But, many people don't and that is why I wrote the piece for Bob. In fact, Bob contacted me because of the number of people who have asked himthe 'how' of marketing.

So tell me this, what marketing info are you looking for? I would be more than happy to discuss the ins and outs for you based on my online experience. ;)


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